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About BitroDesk & BitroCoin

Innovative, Secure Community-focused

BitroDesk, a premier cryptocurrency trading platform, offers a seamless blend of decentralized finance and traditional market efficiencies, backed by a robust security system. Our native token, BitroCoin (BTRC), with a limited supply of 50 million, not only facilitates reduced trading fees but also empowers users through governance and exclusive access to platform features.

As BTRC appreciates in value, it exemplifies our commitment to fostering a community-driven ecosystem that advances the global blockchain landscape.


Key Features

Discover the unique benefits and functionalities that set our platform apart in the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

Decentralized Governance

BitroDesk allows BTRC token holders to participate in decision-making processes, ensuring the platform aligns with the community's interests and evolves democratically.

Enhanced Trading Options

Offering a range of trading modalities including token-to-token, OTC, and contract trading, BitroDesk caters to diverse investor needs with efficiency and flexibility.

Security and Protection

With state-of-the-art security measures including multi-signature and cold storage solutions, BitroDesk ensures the highest level of protection for users' digital assets.


BTRC tokens provide users with significant trading fee discounts, increasing transaction efficiency and profitability, supported by a buy-back and burn strategy to enhance token value.


BitroCoin (BTRC) Tokenomics

Total Supply: 50,000,000 BTRC tokens || Address 0x4658ac2b5de582de93c08f08e9236ff014dd8570
Founding Team: 22,500,000 BTRC (45%)
Ecological Foundation: 8,950,000 BTRC (17.9%)
Private Sale: 8,250,000 BTRC (16.5%)
Seed Sale: 10,300,000 BTRC (20.6%)
Use of Funds:
Platform Development: 40%
Marketing and Branding: 30%
Reserve Fund: 15%
Liquidity Support: 10%
Buy-Back and Burn: BitroDesk will use 100% of the profits from trading fees to buy back and burn BTRC tokens each month, reducing the total supply and potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens.
Token Features:
Transaction Fee Discounts: Holders of BTRC enjoy reduced fees on the platform.
Governance Rights: Token holders can vote on key platform decisions, influencing future development and policies.
Exclusive Access: Early access to special features and trading options.

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